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What is Geek Time?

There are 86,400 seconds in a day. The closest power of two is 65,536. Instead of using seconds, Geek Time divides the day into 65,536 units and then displays those units, relative to coordinated universal time (UTC), in hexadecimal.

The day is just the 0-indexed day of the year in hexadecimal (at UTC).

The glyph underneath is (assuming your browser supports it) an example of the Unicode character at the code point corresponding to the current Geek Time. The idea to include this was suggested by @joshourisman.

What use is it?

It's a single time people can use to coordinate events on the Internet. If you round to the nearest 0x100 you'll be within six minutes.

Didn't Swatch do something like this?

Yeah, but they divided the day into 1,000. That's just not geeky enough!

Are you serious?

No, this was just done for fun. But hey, some people are already finding it useful. And wouldn't you rather have something geeky at this domain rather than some squatter? :-)

Is this based on some time server?

Not yet. Currently it's based on the local time of your computer, but we'd like to synchronize with a more reliable source.

Can you add a converter?

We've just added a converter from Geek Time to a variety of timezones. We're working on a converter from date/time/timezone to Geek Time.


We have added a few simple GET APIs that return a simple bit of JSON

To get the current GeekTime:

              "geekdate": "0x0C9",
              "geektime": "0x4D11"

To convert a known regular time, pass in an ISO formatted UTC time:

              "geekdate": "0x0C9",
              "geektime": "0xDAC4"